No Medical Exam Insurance

The Insurance Plan You’ve Been Looking For

What Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance?



No Exam Needed

Here is the huge edge. No paramed examination means no pee, no blood, no needles and not even a nurse in sight.


It's quicker

It’s quicker, way quicker! Like a hare racing a tortoise, and actually finishing. We complete the process by phone and then you sign it. If approved, your policy may be in place in as tiny as 24-48 hours. How’s that for quick?


Coverage Is restricted

We presently offer no medical exam policies from Sagicor Life (up to $500,000 in coverage) and Transamerica/MassMutual (up to $1,000,000 in coverage). Beyond that, you’ll have to go with regular term life.


There are age limits

Sagicor Life coverages are offered to people ages 18-65. Transamerica/MassMutual policies are offered to people ages 18-64.

What Stands Out With No Medical Exam Life Insurance?

Easy Enrollment

Coverage In Minutes


No Exam / Bloodwork


Is It Possible To Get Life Insurance Without An Exam?

Lots of people buy life insurance to help ensure the financial equilibrium of the loved ones after their departure. Because the insurance company would like to assess the dangers involved with covering you usually, you should submit to a medical exam in order to buy a life-insurance plan. However, many insurance providers offer life insurance policies without a medical exam.

Where Can I Find No Medical Exam Life Insurance Now?

No medical exam coverage is the only choice in the event that you’ll need life insurance fast. But you have to do your research. LocalLifePro offers many different quotes from many different carriers. Sitting down with an agent may be what’s besty for you.

A LocalLifePro independent broker will assist you to shop for no medical exam life insurance. A seasoned local representative is able to help you ascertain if no medical exam life insurance is a good choice for you personally and review your options, and will help you obtain quotes from several insurance firms. Locate a local agent and begin now getting quotes.

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