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term life insurance

Get the most affordable life insurance product available to you.

whole life insurance

Get coverage for a life time, with the addition of cash value.

universal life insurance

Get a guaranteed death benefit with a policy that lasts a lifetime.

variable universal life

Invest the cash value of your life policy into stocks and bond markets.

accidental death

Alleviate the financial responsibilty put upon your loved ones if you were to pass.

final expense life

Get affordable coverage that takes care of all the expenses that come with death.

About Transamerica life insurance options

Today, the Transamerica companies are as committed to helping people as they were over 100 years ago. Transamerica gives customers access to an even wider range of services, from life insurance to retirement plans, to help each individual in their journeys to financial success for the future.

From their very beginning they’ve been committed to helping customers build a solid financial foundation for the present and the future. And they claim to continue to do so with insurance and financial products that are as affordable as they are exceptional.

Dedicated to Transforming Your Tomorrow.

Transamerica are considered the tomorrow makers®

transamerica earns your trust with strength

confidence in your future is the foundation of transamerica’s relationship

A.M. Best (a+)

2nd highest of 16 ratings

as of 2016

MOODY'S (a1)

5th highest of 21 ratings

as of 2016

FITCH (a+)

5th highest of 19 ratings

as of 2016


Total General Account Invested Assets ($56.1 B)

  • Corporate and other bonds 39%
  • Asset and mortgage backed securities (ABS/MBS) 11%
  • Treasury, agency and other government bonds 14%
  • Mortgage loans 9%
  • Other invested assets 11%
  • Securities lending reinvested collateral 6%
  • Cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments 6%
  • Common and preferred stocks 4%


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