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What Stands Out With Assure For Life’s Funeral Plan?

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People can typically find themselves getting lost in all the rules and hidden fees of a life insurance policy. On the other hand, Assure’s Family Protection Plan keeps it very simple and inviting. Before covering the plan, lets note that a typical 64 year old that’s healthy would pay $50/month for a $10,000 Final Expense plan. This is if they pass all of the complex qualifications for the life insurance plan. With Assure’s Family Protection Plan, burial expenses are covered for just $15-25 a month (depending on your state of residency). What makes Assure for Life’s plan stand out, is that up to 7 members can be covered on the plan for just $50-75 a month.

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Funeral Plan: Values Of This Funeral Plan

Assure puts at your disposal your family protection plan, where you can benefit up to 7 people for a monthly fee of $ 50 dollars in the states of Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, California and Puerto Rico.

  • Funeral expenses 100% 100%
  • Air fare (round trip) for policy owner 100% 100%
  • Coverage of the ship out expenses to Latin America 100% 100%
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Some coverage optins that are free of expenses to the client are limited tothe Latin Americas only. Please visit for full detail on our three options for Funeral Planning.