6 Reasons You Need Life Insurance Today

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June 26, 2017

here’s the big misconception…

Most people come across life insurance for the first time from there friends that just became agents, either in person or through social media. Because of this, most people come across life insurance for the first time as something being SOLD to them.

So… Is life insurance this big inconvenient MISUNDERSTANDING? Or does it actually have REASONABLE VALUE for all of us?

Here’s a list of reasons why the latter can be true.

6 Reasons You Need Life Insurance Today

As we all proceed our personal ventures of life, we bump into certain thing like…
  • Getting Married
  • Starting A Family
  • Buying A House
  • Building A Business

and going through these processes take

  • A lot of TIME
  • A lot of MONEY

your absence could cause an instant financial collapse. This is where life insurance takes a roll in giving you peace of mind. Here’s a list of times where life insurance coverage could be at your most convenience:

1. Paying Off Your Debts

Quick Fact: 8 of 10 Americans are in debt

If your passing would leave your family in some type of debt, such as funeral expenses, or even mortgage payments, it would be best to get a life insurance plan designed to protect those debts. Although you may be rock solid now, insurance coverage can solidify your family’s chances of staying afloat.

2. Paying Your Final Expenses

Kind of leading off from the first pointer, paying off your funeral plan is extremely important.

With the rising costs of funeral expenses and the lowering costs of cheap $25,000 policies that anyone could get there hands on – it would just be a NO BRAINER for people to get their hands on this type of policy if they don’t already have something in place. Find the benefits of final expense plans here.

3. Cover Your Child’s Future

Here’s one that any parent can relate to….

College Funding! Like any other parent, assuring your children’s futures are bright is rule number one. There are plenty of ways to make sure this happens, but among the most high-paying with a lot of different features is a College Funding life insurance plan.

Work With An Agency Built For Everyone

We Find What's Best

Our agents are trained to help individual find the best options for them. You can forget about pushy sales tactics! Here, our clients come first.

Local & Licensed

Find local agents nationwide that are trained, certified, and licensed to sell! Our agents keep it professional and know all the best plans in your area.

Life Insurance Made Simple

We help our clients step-by-step to getting the best policy for them at the best price. We handle the dirty work, making it as stress-free as possible for buyers.

4. Replacing Spouse’s Income

This becomes less and less important as your kids grow. On the flipside, if your kids are young, you would want life insurance placed on the both of you for some income to help you strive through the years. Something as simple as a 10-year term policy could do the trick between affordability and a high payout.

KEEP IN MIND: As dependability decreases, insurance coverage should also decrease. Works the same vice versa!

5. Paying Off Estate Taxes

Estate taxes are typically high….

Having insurance coverage assigned for your estate that can protect assets or funds built for retirement is absolutely crucial. These types of insurance designs are more typically used for large estates, and uses permanent (rather than term) insurance to ensure that coverage remains until the end of life.

6. Buying Insurance With Your Business Partner

Are smart, but way less common strategy.

If you have a business you’re running with somebody, it’d be best if the two of you simultaneously bought insurance for each other. This way if either one of you passed, you have extra money to build the business rather than sinking in debts and having to sell out the company.

Keep These Pointers In Mind

As you determine your insurance needs, keep these ideas in mind:

How Much Coverage Should I Buy?

You can read our article that goes over this exact question! “How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

We compare the both of these policy options here! “Term Vs Permanent Life Insurance”

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6 reasons you need life insurance today

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