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What Stands Out With Disability Life Insurance / Disabilty Income Rider?

No Exam Policies Available


Up To $1.5 million In Death Benefits

Great For Retirement

What is a Disability Income Rider?

A disability income rider is a very valuable add-on available to policyholders when they seek a life insurance policy. Disability Life Insurance is an available option under Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance policies through Local Life Pro. This means you can get disability life insurance quotes and policies without a medical exam. A disability income rider provides financial protection to the owner of the policy once a disability incurs. Usually, policyholders will have to be disabled from doing 2 of the 6 daily living activities to get the accelerated death benefit.

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transamerica term life insurance policy


Choose Transamerica whose been helping the financial state of million of americans for over a century now, becoming one of the most top rated life insurance companies.

mutual of omaha term life insurance policy

Mutual of Omaha

Choose life plans from a company that has been helping individuals, families, and businesses through life’s transitions for over a century now.

transamerica term life insurance policy


Choose Sagicor, a growing company in 17 different countries that help people in timeless, borderless, colorless manner. Find out more about what Sagicor has to offer

What’s Popular?

Lost in the options? Local Life Pro will make it easiest to find the best disability life insurance quotes online. Use our following chart to find out which company our clients chose most for disability insurance for individuals, or just the disability income rider added to their policy.

  • transamerica 58%
  • mutual of omaha 26%
  • sagicor 16%


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The disability income rider (disability life insurance) Lets you structure your death benefit by controlling the payment amounts, who receives them, and for how long. If you pass, it will also help replace your monthly paycheck for the expenses life throws at your family after you’re gone and provide.


disability insurance for individuals

An up-front lump sum

Cover funeral expenses, help pay off your house, or cover other debts with an up-front payment.

disability income rider

Guaranteed monthly income

Provide a reliable income stream for up to 25 years to ensure the money will last as long as you intended.

Disability Life Insurance Quotes

A final lump sum.

Help set up a comfortable retirement for your spouse or fund major expenditures, like your children’s college or weddings.

Combination of all 3

Get a plan tailored to you and your family’s needs and combine the perks of all three options.




The benefit payments will be sent to your beneficiaries. Once the Disability Income Rider has been established, your beneficiaries won’t be able to change the timing or payment amounts. They’ll be free to pursue their own journeys toward wealth and health while our insurance partners distribute the income stream.




Relax with the knowledge that your family can continue to live as though you’re still taking care of them with this supply of income. Live more today and worry less about tomorrow. With our insurance providers and the Disability Life Insurance Option, that’s possible.



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